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Electric and air operated chain hoists provide the core of CM Complete Lifting Systems. The popular Lodestar is used in wide-ranging environments, overall capacities for CM electric chain hoists range from .25 tons to15 tons. Air hoists such as the Airstar provide unsurpassed spotting capabilities and have working load limits from .25 tons to 7-1/2 tons. Air manipulators are available in both chain and wire rope styles and are used for lifting and positioning activities in the 250-600 lbs. range. If heavy-duty lifting with a wire rope hoist is preferred, the Apollo or Polaris tackle loads weighing up to 15 tons. Manual hoists, including lever tools, position, pull, and lift loads in construction, maintenance, and repair activities. We would like to help you find the hoist that works best for your job, please CONTACT US to purchase one.

If you have a hoist that is damaged or malfunctioning we have a factory authorized repair center that can do the repair on site for you.

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